About this Blog Site

This page is an extension of our classroom. This blog will provide many ways to express our voice in our ever active role within our school, community and busy lives. Please follow the these policies to use this Blog with respect.

I know that some of you use Instant Messaging or other forms of electronic “talk,” and I want you to know that I view this site as a digital extension of our classroom. This means that any rules or expectations I have for you in the classroom are the same rules and expectations I have for you here in Cyberspace, with one main exception: Do Not Use Your Last Name on the Blog.

*First of all, be aware that I will be able to identify you through your email address (I have the software available to do so). Please think carefully about what you write and how you write.

*Second, be respectful. Please do not write anything that would make people frightened, angry, upset or embarrassed. It’s ok to ask thoughtful and provocative questions, even on sensitive subjects, but do so in tactful, polite manner.

*Third, keep it clean! Avoid swears and other topics that are inappropriate in a classroom setting. (Remember, this Blog is an extension of our classroom).

*Finally, if in doubt about writing what you’re thinking, leave it out!

If you have any questions/concerns please let me know right away. If you have a posting, please place it in one the categories to help us all out. If you don’t know where it should go, put the post in “New Topic, Not sure”. If you want to propose a new category, put the post in “Propose a New Category” and list your title in the first line then explain why.


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