The 30 Second Science Podcast Current Events Homework – Example

The 30 Second Science Podcast                                                         Example for Excellence


Title and Heading as follows:


Mr. Brewer

Date of Presentation (i.e. August 8, 2012)

Block #


Title of Article Reviewed

Website where article is reviewed (i.e. Scientific American Podcast or Science)


Body of Email and Text (80-110 words). Must be your own words, otherwise it is plagiarism.


Word Count (#) — This is located in the menu Tools>Word Count or by using help feature.


Physical Example.


Mr. Brewer

July 12, 2012

Block #D


How Tomatoes Lost Their Taste

Science Now—


The gene associated with the taste of tomatoes has been bred right out of them.  This is not the only reason that the tomato lacks taste, however. Most tomatoes are picked slightly green to ripen in the store; 80% of the fruit sugar is transported near the end of ripening and this is lost to most commercial tomatoes.  Wild tomatoes vary in color by having green shoulders and are not as striking as the red commercial tomato. Given the chance wild tomatoes may actually be sweeter than store bought tomatoes. Grow your own and give it a try.

Word Count (98)


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