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I am from the Pacific Northwest, born in San Francisco, CA and a resident of Seattle, WA. I grew up on Bainbridge Island, Washington, where I attended the Island School (grades K-2), Bainbridge Island Public Schools (grades 3-7), and then the Northwest School (grades 8-12) in Seattle, WA.
After high school I was an international exchange student in San Salvador de Jujuy, Jujuy, Argentina map for an entire year. During this time I lived with a host family, attended local high school and took classes at the local university, Universidad Nacional de Jujuy, in the anthropology department.
When I returned to the United States I attended the Colorado College (CC) in Colorado Springs, CO. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 1999. During this time I pursued two research interests in biological and sociocultural anthropology. Both of the principal research papers mentioned below share a concern for the importance of environment in shaping behavioral and cultural models.

My senior thesis at The Colorado College, The Onset of Siamang, Hylobates (Symphalangus) syndactylus, Vocalization in Captivity and the Role of the Exhibit Environment, explored the extent that various zoological garden exhibits affect vocalization patterns of siamang in captivity as compared to the wild.
Also at Colorado College, I began a field research paper that explored aspects of Andean cosmology that have been incorporated into Roman Catholicism in northwest Argentina with the Sheffer Grant for Roman Catholic Studies by The Colorado College Religion Department. See the page on research at University of Chicago for more information.

I digress. After attending CC, I spent the year in Colorado teaching skiing at Keystone. During this time I obtained Level II Certification and Children’s Accreditation from the Professional Ski Instructors Association – Rocky Mountain Division PSIA-RM. Also during this time, I was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to continue research began at CC in Jujuy, Argentina.

Upon return again to the United States, I attended the University of Chicago Master of Arts Program in Social Sciences (MAPSS). There I continued my research from Argentina, and completed a written thesis about the Carnaval of Humahuaca.

During this time I determined to become a classroom teacher. I attended the IslandWood Graduate Residency Program in Education for Environment and Community (EEC).
Returning again to my native Bainbridge Island, I gained first hand teaching experience that continues to shape my philosophy of education.

Further, my interest in earth sciences shaped my Independent Study Project and I presented my final prodcut in a website to teach geology. I continued this project with my thesis, The Importance of Tangible Teaching in Earth Sciences: A Need for Changes in Existing Curricula, at Antioch University Seattle.

Presently, I live in Seattle with my wife, son, and daughter. I am a Certified Teacher in Washington State after completion of the Masters of Education degree at Antioch University Seattle in 2006. I have endorsements in K-8 Elementary and Secondary General Science. I have taught at Eckstein Middle School  Seattle School District, Seattle WA (2006-2011), the American International School of Johannesburg, South Africa (2011-2013), and Washington Middle School, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle WA (2013-present).

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